Where did dragon come from?

Once upon a time , In a village, a boy named Chang was living with his mother. He used to go out every morning and cut green grass from the grassland and bring back to his uncle and used to feed his cows. In return, he used to give a bowl of rice to Chang. His life was going on in this way. Once there was no rain The heat was not getting less. The grasslands started drying up. Gradually all the grass around them became yellow. Now Chang did not get green grass. Uncle did not even give rice, and mother and son had to starve. One day, after getting worried, they started looking for grass on the other side of the Bang mountain. He was surprised to see that there was a piece of land between the yellow grass where,there was large amount of green grass.Then he cut all the grass on the land.When he returned, he found a white pearl then he put the pearl in his pocket and took the grass and gave it to the uncle. As always, Uncle  gave him a bowl of rice. Her mother came home and prepared little rice and put half bowl of the rice  for evening. Chang put the pearl in the  half bowl of rice.And then there was a magic.

He put the pearl in a half bowl of water and bowl was filled with water.He gathered a lot of rice with the help of pearl and distributed to the people of the village. All of them gave him many blessings. People stopped buying rice from uncle. Uncle started facing difficulties. So he decided to steal the pearl. One night he secretly entered into Chang's house. He saw the pearl, which was kept near his pillow. As he picked up the pearl, Chang woke up. Before he could take the pearl  from uncle,he swallowed the pearl. Pearl started melting in his stomach with heat. uncle's whole body started burning with heat. He was so thirsty that he drank all the water  kept in the house. Still the thirst remains unchanged. He drank all the water from the wells of the village. Thirst still not  extinguished yet. He emptied entire pond entire.But it was no avail .Gradually the heat became more,that the fire started coming out of the uncle's mouth. People started running away from him.Uncle understood that he had made the biggest mistake by stoling the pearl.But what would have happened now? people started calling him a dragon  because the meaning of dragon means - scary person. After all, uncle had to leave the village and went somewhere else.And such a birth was born of the dragon.